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          Red Base B
          Scarlet Base. G
          Claretazoic Base GP
          Red GL Base
          Scarlet azoic base. RC
          Red Base RL
          Red Base KD
          Red Base 3GL
          Red base RC
          2,5-Dichloro aniline


      Wujiang Jinsui Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated by the beautiful Taihu Lake in Wujiang City,a state-level sanitary city which is between Suzhou and Hangzhou, enjoying advantages in communications by land, air and water.

      The company is specialized in the manufacture of "Jinsui" brand red base series, pigments and dyes intermediates, with annual production capacity of 6,000 tons of red base products and 2000 tons of dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates. Products have been exported to and well received in Europe and the Southeast Asia etc.

      Seeking further development with science, technology and quality, providing high-quality chemical products for users with satisfactory service and good credit, our company wholeheartedly look forward to cooperating with you for a bright future.


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